Training Management

The management of qualifications and organisation of training are the two key issues covered by the Training Management module. This is where the procedures for basic and advanced employee training are planned and executed. As well as planning for initial training of employees, the targeted management of qualifications can identify expiring qualifications in advance – such as when certificates run out – and thereby determine your employees‘
future training requirements.

The loss of qualifications is addressed within this module by planning and organising specific training courses. A freely configurable task sheet is used to administer invitations to courses and the organisation of the courses themselves. This significantly simplifies the creation, distribution and management of certificates after courses have been passed.

The automated reports can be employed with ease to document the qualification status of employees, divisions, or the whole company. The advantage: the projected training requirements function helps you to find the best times for training activities without obstructing operational business. This tool takes the availability of employees and trainers, drawn from human resource planning, into consideration.

Easily manage employee qualifications and requirements
Plan trainings and access a summary of quality standards
Easily and reliably administer training courses
Automatically produce certificates
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