Reliable self-service system

SPX ESS is available to your employees as a self-service attendance and absence management system. The tool allows them access to their time data around the clock, regardless of whether they are working from home, at work, or en route. From applying for holidays to switching shifts, requests can be made quickly and simply through the system. Extensive, constantly available information about the status of requests brings transparency and makes queries unnecessary. The high degree of responsibility afforded to your employees by SPX ESS increases their motivation to work, while SPX ESS offers managers a transparent basis for making decisions about requests. A straightforward and fast verification system and a group calendar view help to avoid bottlenecks in planning. The self service system dramatically especially reduces the pressure on HR department routine tasks. As a result, information on remaining holidays and overtime work, the distribution of time records, and the copying and paperwork related to requests is no longer needed.

Improve the satisfaction and motivation of your employees.
Create transparent grounds for managerial decisions.
Take the pressure off routine tasks.
Observe and review legal requirements and collective agreements.

Produkt Screen ESS

SPX ESS gives works councils the basis for efficient information gathering. Legal demand and collective agreements are factored in and systematically verified. What is the company‘s benefit of SPX ESS? The answer is as simple as it is advantageous: optimised personnel procedures. Workflows are standardised, the quality of data is improved, and input errors are reduced. On the whole, process flows become quicker when they are accompanied by improved management systems. As SPX ESS is easily integrated into existing operating procedures and your IT systems, you benefit from an increase in the productivity of your process flows.

SPX ESS is easy to use, intuitive and technically accessible, meaning that the cost of training is kept to a minimum. As multiple data handling is made void by its application, the software speeds up administrative procedures. An additional advantage: the web terminal supports paperless application processing in your company.

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