Evaluate planning data and increase quality

We have developed plano Reporting to analyse master and planning data. In doing so, we have expanded the previous concept of evaluations, individual to each customer, with an extensive ad hoc reporting system. SPX Dynamic Reporting can be used to evaluate
improvements in planning quality and time management, and there are various planning data displays available for showing planning at detailed, weekly and monthly levels. A freely configurable dashboard tops off the range of functions. As a logical advance from former reporting platforms, plano Reporting now provides a simple, fast and flexible report creation tool that you can access at any time.

Take advantage of ad hoc evaluations by SP-Expert.
Comply with the user and access concepts.
Count on the reliable logging system.
No need for training and no SP-Expert technical knowledge necessary – create evaluations with the Drag and Drop function.

Produkt Screen Reporting

We have placed great emphasis on userfriendliness. The options for further processing are impressive because of their simplicity and diversity: you can export all of the reports you create in Excel, as a PDF, or to a website. Best of all: no specialist knowledge of the SP-Expert software which supports this tool is required to create, print or export the reports for further processing. As such, this module provides an outstanding range of reports and options for your various management levels as well, all quickly and easily generated by the Drag and Drop function.

plano Reporting redefines reporting systems. You can use the software to retrieve up-to-date key figures and produce evaluations of planning quality on an ad hoc basis. Access to evaluations can be specifically restricted and is extensively recorded. At the same time, we place a great deal of emphasis on data protection, and the consideration given to user and access rights by SP-Expert guarantees a high degree of security.

Determine key figures at the touch of a button

You can also restrict usage of templates and saved reports, which is chiefly useful to the work of works councils. In conclusion: plano Reporting is an excellent cost controlling tool for management and works councils.

Thanks to the extensive range of roster displays, your planners are given effective support. The advantages: you can choose to combine employee master data, salary types and roster data, or evaluate them individually. The data are updated directly and planning alterations are shown immediately. Rosters are not only mapped out in the usual weekly, monthly and annual views, inclusive of column values – the practical bar chart is also accessible in the daily view.

At the touch of a button, you can produce a summary of the qualification status of your employees within a freely configurable time frame. Additional displayable elements, such as functions, tasks and workplaces, can be added and removed as desired. The wage types and wage type groups are available to you so that you can assess account balances and your bottom line. How does this benefit your company? This functionality allows you to receive accurate evidence regarding specific key dates or periods, of working hours, planned hours, maximum and minimum working hours,
remaining holiday hours and many more factors. A graphical display makes reaching a judgement on the quality of planning easier for you. Furthermore, demand figures are compared with current workforce figures and portrayed in diagram form.

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