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In order to accommodate the requirements of our customers – in accordance with clear human resource planning – plano. has developed a high efficiency interface. The plano Roster offers a clear view of the long term absence planning for the year, adjustable to different levels of detail. At every one of these levels, the key figures relevant to the planning horizon are portrayed. All of the intra-day planning functionality is integrated and accessible in one interface. plano. Roster not only benefits from the advantages of the high-performance and standardised SP-EXPERT in terms of
time management – as a planner, you also have access to the popular SPX ESS portal for employees.

You can access the Roster from anywhere
Intuitive planning interface
Fully integrated in the SP-EXPERT system environment, based on the SP-EXPERT data model
Interface integrates all functions

Produkt Screen Roster

This can be used to look at your employees‘ requests, scheduling arrangements, unpredictable periods and requested rhythms, and take these into account when planning. The regulatory specifications set by the Working Hours Act and company policies are automatically at your disposal.
Various planning scenarios from the plano Optimizer, taking account of all your required planning criteria, are clearly illustrated. This means that nothing else stands in the way of the fast and reliable creation of your roster. Your advantages: the seamless combination of the different systems guarantees a smooth process flow. With the plano Roster, mistakes previously arising as a result of working with different systems are a thing of the past.

The plano module for creating rosters can handle even complicated planning situations with ease, and any rule infringements are immediately flagged up. The group planning system supports simultaneous planning and the inclusion of numerous employees – a big advantage when organising work meetings, training courses and any other employee meetings. Optimisation of one or several days can be carried out directly from within the plan itself, processing not just one but numerous employees at once.

The display of various planning scenarios in one roster is now possible without any problems. All approaches are integrated, whether you prefer to plan using a shift pattern, working from a base week, or using shift communities, and whether you do the planning yourself or take advantage of the fully automated option.

However, it is not only classic planning approaches that are supported: with the plano Roster, you can design your planning so that it is resource-driven or quantity-driven. More specifically: planning in a resource-driven fashion means that the resources to be occupied or tasks are assigned to an employee. When planning in a quantity-driven fashion, employees can be allocated workloads on a daily basis but without a fixed deadline.
The option to freely compose groups or teams (virtual groups) offers the ideal requirements for managing branch business or work group activity in contact centres.

 Every function, one interface

The interfaces used for personnel deployment planning have up until now included a separation between shifts and employment function. An active database lock for the entire workplace plan prevents use of the software by more than one user. These weaknesses are removed by
the plano Roster. Its greatest advantage is that all of the functionality is integrated into one interface. The individual planning requests and account values of your employees are unavailable in current interfaces; however by integrating the SPX ESS application system, the process of switching between SPX ESS and the planning interface is no longer needed. This saves you from having to work with several systems, meaning that mistakes which can happen in manual data transfer are now passé.

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