Simply achieve more

The Optimizer lets you significantly improve employee satis-faction and consequently increase the impact your company makes. This is because giving consideration to holiday requests, shift preferences and individual requirements puts you in a position to create a fair roster. Overtime
working hours are reduced, and unpopular shifts are fairly distributed. The advantage for you: the plano Optimizer allows you to achieve a higher standard of planning by lowering your efforts. You save time on planning and the plano Optimizer supports you every step of the way. All requests and instances of seasonal demand are automatically considered in your planning. The plano Optimizer saves you planning time and at the same time increases the transparency of your work schedules – for yourself, for your employees, and in seamlessly running operating processes.

Quickly and reliably organise your human resource planning
Effectively reduce your planning times
Enhance work and home life compatibility
Look after your employees‘ biorhythms
Reduce overtime and take preferred shifts into consideration.

Produkt Screen Optimierer

The plano Optimizer does your thinking for you. It can be relied upon to create an optimised plan of action within minutes, even for large numbers of employees, while legal and business regulations are automatically integrated into the planning. Take advantage of different planning options – compare different roster scenarios in parallel to decide on the best arrangement. For example, you can gauge the extent to which a change to the
specifications can bring improvements in planning quality. For this, the easy to operate slide controls are an additional help. Your demand, employee preferences, and working times are all optimally taken into account in the planning.

Individual requirements can be given different weightings and corresponding priorities in the planning process. Stand-out innovations in the software include planning using shift communities and numerous other options for ensuring the best possible reconciliation of family friendliness with high productivity. And the result? The plano Optimizer creates a plan precisely in line with your requirements – correct, consistent and efficient.

Always at your side

The plano Optimizer is your reliable, high-performance tool for automatic scheduling, supporting you through every planning stage. You can use the demand forecasting to introduce optimal, long term human resource and work planning, fair holiday allowances, an efficient roster, and
effective, short term management of your work schedule. How does this benefit you? At any one moment, you can take current demand, employee satisfaction, working times, statutory regulations, and the specifications set by company policies into consideration in your planning. The
plano Optimizer will always operate inside the budget set by you.

Planning with shift communities

Fixed shift systems are showing their age and are increasingly being replaced by scenarios using shift communities. Using these shift communities, the plano Optimizer takes away the effort associated with changing the roster and allows for intuitive, ergonomic transitions between planning
periods. The planning is always orientated towards demand and therefore reacts to changing staff numbers and seasonal factors as well as is possible. Furthermore: the plano Optimiser can also number detailed planning and shift work planning among its strengths.

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