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The plano Interface is an interface module from SP-EXPERT‘s human resource planning software. It provides a flexible basis for rocessing employee remuneration documents and wage types before transferring them to different systems which handle payroll affairs (such as those of SAP HR, DATEV, PAISY, and BMD). Existing attendance and absence times (both all-day and intra-day) can be formatted and condensed according to your specifications before transferring them to your payroll system. Advantages and technical benefits:

  • Overview of interface runs and their execution status

  • Follow-up delivery if data is lost in third-party systems

  • No scripting and simple parameterisation

  • Seamlessly integrated into the existing SP-Expertinfrastructure

Determine accounting periods and the period of time of backcalculation.
Extensive formatting options allow you to feed the data directly into the target system.
Only data released by the responsible parties are included in the transfer, passing through the sophisticated approval system.
A test run of the interface can be performed without being logged or affecting retrograde calculation.

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Additional benefits:

  • No manual adjustment of entries necessary due to logging and back calculation

  • The sophisticated approval system prevents the transfer of incompletely reviewed data

  • Test runs can be performed to ensure that data is transferred correctly

  • Freely definable opening and closing records with consistency check

  • Personal task planner for setting automated processes

The welcome page for the plano Interface displays a summary of the configured interfaces as well as their execution records. This is where the various configured interfaces are added and managed. In addition to the option to release data, test runs, live runs and proofing runs can be carried out from here. The interface allows to format employee remuneration documents and other wage types calculated in SP-Expert in the desired fashion before they are exported to be transferred to a separate system.

When the internally calculated wage types are exported, they are assigned to external identifiers by means of socalled conversion tables, so that there is no need for additional mapping outside the application itself. The interface can therefore be run with logging and back calculation of data sets which have already been transferred.

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