Precise assessment of your demand.

Precise forecast directly in the planning interface

The basis of an optimized and precise staff requirement planning is the personnel requirement. With [TIS] we have the optimal module for precise personnel requirements planning. The [TIS] reliably forecasts personnel requirements based on defined demand drivers and thus ensures that over- and understaffing in the company is avoided. Our customers benefit from less idle time and overtime and achieve maximum planning optimisation. You determine which demand drivers are used for determining personnel requirements (forecast) yourself, depending on the industry and requirements. The [TIS] calculates the exact personnel requirements and provides the basis for optimized personnel resource planning.

Uses various data sources to assess your demand
Gather reliable evidence on demand based on historical data
See evaluations of past forecasting quality
Precisely determine personnel demand
Forecast options are used by the plano Optimizer

Strong partners for strong results: The [TIS] of Ximes

With the [TIS] of our partner Ximes, we use a system that predicts the personnel requirements with enormous precision. To make planning as easy as possible, the [TIS] is fully integrated into our planning interface Roster. Planners can see all the important functions in the roster and save themselves the tedious work of working with several interfaces.

In this way, we create an interface that combines all functions and makes everyday work even easier, faster and more efficient.


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