plano Base

The plano Base provides the foundation for all additional modules, organising the electronic human resources files for all of your employees. The data of applicants and training providers are also placed in this module. The Base module serves as a master data modeller, a system of data exchange with other management systems in the company sphere, and a management system for administering users, roles and their access privileges. As the user, you are free to choose master data attributes.

Your company also needs to be able to exchange and compare data between different applications, and the Base module caters for this. In the Base module, the so called data streams ‚Imports‘ and ‚Exports‘ are configured for data exchanges with other (third party) systems. These data streams can be planned in advance and automatically executed.

Centrally manage human resources master data
Access a clear training courses overview
Make reliable comparisons with data transfers
See a summary of personnel development
View a display of time management data from SP-EXPERT

The user also has access to the Validation Pool, offering a summary of data stream executions, in addition to the master data management system where those streams can be configured. The status, operations performed (such as changing employee master data when it is imported) and any errors can be evaluated and adjusted using the Validation Pool.

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