Effective reporting assistant

The plano crmailer is a tool for sending and archiving data prepared by Crystal Report. The plano crmailer effectively automates the workflows
important to you:

• Use reports to process data from different sources
• Archive evaluation results in various file formats
• Forward the results of reports or any other data by e-mail
• Implement text interfaces

The plano crmailer allows for important evaluations to be distributed to all staff members, while management reports can be made available on a daily basis. In this way, the success of moves implemented in personnel logistics can be measured against real results immediately. Clarity and precise overall reports and statistics help your company to reach tactical and strategic goals and make adjustments with greater success.

Benefit from effectively automated workflows
View daily and up-to-date evaluations
See factual, quantifiable reports on the measures you implement in personnel logistics
Accurate overall reports and statistics help you steer your company towards tactical and strategic goals

Produkt Screen CR Mailer

The plano crmailer is the optimal tool for automating process flows. Evaluations which are carried out manually or on a regular basis can be automated. The resulting data are made available to the relevant or responsible parties by e-mail – in a whole variety of formats (.pdf, .xls, .doc) – in an easy and straightforward manner. At the same time, data can be automatically updated on a website without requiring any time-consuming editing.

Reports geared towards staff, such as monthly time sheets, can be sent to them without further hassle, while human resource departments are able to deposit data relevant to staff in their electronic personnel files. However, the plano crmailer not only serves for the creation of temporary files, but also makes the archiving of permanent data possible and secure.

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