plano. provides web-based software solutions for managing training and skills management for airlines companies. Do you know which employee has which qualifications in your company? Do you know when this skill loses its validity? And how do you manage to find a time period for staff training?

We are delighted to show you how to overview your qualification processes and training administration early, fast and clearly arranged.
With our software tool plano you have the perfect overview of the different requirements and skills of your staff.

Just one click and you will receive reports of the qualification level. So you identify where you might have a need for training. Furthermore you can register employees to an appropriate training or ask for a special training at the HR department.
You can check the availability of each participant by the GS Rostering.

The software tool plano runs in a browser and does not require any additional installation on the user’s PC. Any number of locations can be accessed on the complete tool and the central data storage via browser. A comprehensive access and authorization system allows different activities of personnel and other departments.

Web-based software solution for training administration and qualification management

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Your benefits:

  • Automated planning – simple and effective

  • Personnel deployment exactly as required

  • Maximum reduction of errors

  • Time saving

  • Greater added value

  • Higher employee satisfaction with Employee Self Service

TV - Mentorenverfügbarkeit

Based on the analysis of training needs of your employees you can immediately register into an existing training or provide an appropriate training request.

A training request can be made by a supervisor, team leader or department head. The course organization is fully represent by plano and can be organized by the HR department – from the tracking of open tasks, on applications and confirmation through to course implementation. After successful course participation the skills are entered into the master data of the participants or automatically renewed. Similarly, all participants will receive a certificate that can also digitally deposit in the employee master data.

Next to an optimal training plan, it is equally important to find a suitable time period in which the employee can complete a training program without endangering the smooth running of the airport.For mentors and trainees the availability of the GS Rostering can be checked.Through a direct comparison with GS Rostering it is possible to find an optimal period for trainings. The proposed courses are entered directly into the roster of the employee and are considered in planning.

Report Qualifikationsverlust

You need extensive qualifications of employees for all services like Airport, Ground, Passage, and Cargo Service to keep the airport hub functional perfectly.

With plano you get the right software tool which allows you to evaluate and maintain the legal requirements for audits and audits by customers.

Because of a systematic management of requirements on the one hand and the qualifications, its validity and training needs on the other hand, plano can identify the current qualification level of employees, departments or the entire company.

Various reports of qualification level help you to identify which employees meet the requirements for the position and who does not, or which employee is overqualified for the position. This gives you information about imminent training needs. Not that you notice during an audit by the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (LBA), which employees do not meet appropriate qualifications, e.g. reliability check, air safety testing, Unit Load Devices (ULD) or Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR).

Another option is to take a look at the future needs and skills of your staff. You can forecast which employees may loss skills and the needs for training, but also diagnose untapped potential within the company. With plano you can also recognize how great the need of training of each employee will be to obtain a higher level of qualification, e.g. DGR qualification.

Consideration of flight-related and non-flight-related events for optimal coverage of operating time

Consideration of multifunctionally deployed employees

Workflow-based vacation requests and shift swaps possible

Extensive and individual user and access rights

Consideration of collective agreements and company agreements

Fair distribution of shifts. Employees can be included in personnel scheduling if required

Interfaces to existing wage and salary systems and automated reporting


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