Applicant Organisation

The applicant organisation module offers support for all your recruitment needs. This system provides an integral structure for the recruitment process, from advertising the position, collecting applications, communicating candidate selection decisions, to the planning and organisation of interviews with applicants. Job advertisements can be automatically generated based on your company‘s structural organisation. The advantage: this means that job
advertisement templates can even be created in Word and integrated into the recruitment system.

The module also provides an integrated website through which current vacancies can be advertised and your applicants can access an application form. The website can be managed and configured through the plano Module directly, allowing you to decide exactly which job advertisements are advertised and which input fields are available to applicants. The applicant website offers an opportunity to simply and securely record applicants, independent of your underlying system.

Involve divisional managers
Advertise positions internally and externally
Create application forms individually tailored to your needs
See an overview of statistical information
Take over data into your training management and human resource planning

Centrally organising application procedures optimises screening, interviewing, and finally the selection process itself. The plano Applicant Organisation System packages up all of the necessary information and decisions and maps it out in a single procedure. Creating reports is an easy way to calculate precise statistics concerning application data and current candidate status. The applicant adoption function allows you to transfer the new employee directly into the human resource management system. This process forms the interface for basic and advanced training, as well as personnel deployment planning. To this end, the employee master data are available to you immediately after the transfer.

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